What’s New | February 7

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Luke 7:47 says that when we are forgiven of much, we love much more. Every one of us are in dire need of forgiveness. If we could understand the great lengths Jesus went to for our salvation, we would shout it from the rooftops! Evan Craft says his song “Desesperado” is all about his desperation. “I need Him. More than air, more than anything. I simply need His love. I’m desperate.”

Meet Doe Jones! She comes from a family heritage of incredible musicians and songwriters (maybe you remember her family band, Forever Jones?). Her gift for ministry and dedication to expressing the heart of God has taken her around the world performing on some of the biggest stages, and at some of the most celebrated churches as well. Her song “So Good” communicates how truly blessed we are to be loved by God.

Listen for “Desesperado” and “So Good” on uplifting LifeSongs!