What’s New | February 14

In Blog by Libby

We’ve all had to navigate so much these past couple of years. Isolation, personal trials, health issues and so much more. Chris McClarney says because of that, he wrote a battle song, “Speak To The Mountains,” to encourage everyone who hears it that God is bigger than anything we might face and ultimately God is for us, loves us and never stops.

Over 150 million TikTok/Instagram impressions later, we’re catching up to this song, “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” from new artist Katy Nichole. The song was written in the midst of a global health crisis and was inspired in part by Katy’s own story of suffering, hope and healing. Sharing her unwavering belief in God’s ability to heal and the power of prayer, this song is an encouragement to all who are looking for healing and restoration in a weary and anxious world.

God is GOOD. You’ll hear that reminder all the time on LifeSongs, and you can hear it in Brandon Lake’s song, “Too Good To Not Believe” (featuring Jenn Johnson). This is an anthem that encourages us to take hold of our faith and reminds us of who God is.

Listen for “Speak To The Mountains,” “In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)” and “Too Good To Not Believe” on uplifting LifeSongs!