What’s New | December 26

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God is still speaking, moving, and bringing real change to the world today and giving us a front row seat to everything He is doing. We just need to be willing to trust Him and push through the tough moments. If you’ve got a desire to see God do what He alone can do, Matt Maher’s song “In The Room” is your new anthem.


The song “Parking Lot” is Michael Cochren’s personal account of faith, and a reminder that God can be found in unexpected places. He shares, “It’s a story about how God’s love reaches us no matter where we are. Maybe it’s a Sunday morning in a church pew, maybe it’s a Bible study with friends. For me, it was in my car in a parking lot on a Tuesday night. When I was at the lowest point of my life, I prayed desperately for God to show up, and He chose to reach my heart through a song on Christian radio.”


In an overwhelming and incredibly complicated world, Chandler Moore and Todd Galberth sing a song called “Good News,” which is a simple reminder of the heart of the gospel. Jesus loves you. And nothing can separate you from that love. 


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