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We’ve all experienced firsthand the pain of loss, illness, injustice. In this world, it’s easy to feel hopeless. But, we are promised more than this world, thank God! We’re promised Heaven! That’s the message in Cochren & Co.’s song, “One Day.” Michael Cochren says this song can remind us to give thanks to God for all of His many blessings, even in the midst of struggles. “That’s the hope I’m clinging to, the hope of healing for all creation.”

Do you struggle with anxiety? We’ve all felt worried before, but there are times when anxiety almost seems to take over and rob us from experiencing the present, and really living life to its fullest. Josh Havens of The Afters is familiar with that struggle. He says he’s struggled with anxiety for much of his life, but it really intensified when his dad passed away. This inspired the band to write their song, “I Will Fear No More.”

“We were sharing some of our struggles together one night, and wanted to write words that you could sing over our lives. An anthem for trusting God. An anthem for not living in fear. Life is too precious, and God puts too many beautiful things in the present that if we live in fear and anxiety it’s a robbery of all those joys. It robs us from really living life to its fullest and living the life that God wants us to live. IGod doesn’t want us to live in fear. There are 365 passages in the Bible where it says, ‘Do not be afraid.’ God wants us to trust Him, He doesn’t want us to live with fear and anxiety. This song is an anthem that I hope encourages you. If you struggle with anxiety, I hope this can be a theme song for you that you can sing over your life and that would give you strength.” – Josh Havens, The Afters

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