What’s New | Dec 26

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The message behind The Afters’ new song, ‘Well Done’ is something that’s been on lead singer Josh Havens’ heart for a while.

He says, “I lost my dad to cancer about fourteen years ago and there’s been a void in our family ever since. I think about it every time my kids have birthdays. I think about every time we have family gatherings. This past year, it especially hit home when two of my sisters got married. I had to walk one of them down the aisle and I actually officiated at the other one’s wedding. I just thought the whole time about how my dad would’ve loved to be there. But as I looked around, I realized that my dad loved Jesus, and because of that he showed his family what it means to live a life in pursuit of Jesus.”

“Because of his impact, me and all my siblings love Jesus. What a legacy! It was a reminder of how important this life is and that the things we do here on earth really do matter. Someday – when this life is over – we’re going to leave behind all the pains of this world, all the suffering and we’re going to go before our creator. I really want to hear those words, ‘well done, my good and faithful servant.’ I hope this song is a comfort for those of you that have lost someone you’ve loved and is a reminder of how important this life is.”

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