What’s New | August 8

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The Holy Spirit is active and performing miracles today. We The Kingdom’s song “Miracle Power” reminds us of just that. The band says, “Miracles have a beautiful way of restoring childlike wonder back into the hearts of all of us. They leave you awestruck in a way nothing else can, and with ‘Miracle Power,’ our hope is that each ear that hears this song will let faith rise up and these lyrics sink in a bit deeper with each listen.” May this song be an inspiring message to all those who are struggling—help is never too far away.

As a people, collectively, do you feel like we’ve been in the longest night? That’s how Tauren Wells feels. His song “Joy in the Morning” is a reminder that this too shall pass. He says, “Our problems have an expiration date; even in your darkest season, the darkest time of your life, the sun will rise again. Now is not forever. There is still hope and for me being a believer, that informs my ultimate hope and that is the horizon of heaven.”

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