What’s New | August 1

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God’s love is so perfect that we don’t have to fight for it, we don’t have to earn it. It is so perfectly and freely given to us no matter how far we run or hide. Rachael Lampa’s song “Perfectly Loved” reminds us of this truth. She shares, “It’s so cool to look in hindsight and see how God’s love followed me all the way through and finds me now. And I know there are a lot of us out here that who have thought or believed that at some point in their lives, maybe we believe it now that, we still have to do more and more to earn God’s love. But, we are made from it, we are made for it, and there is nothing we can do to lose it. I hope this song speaks to people in that place, maybe this is someone’s first chance to even hear about a love that good.”

Brooke Ligertwood’s song “Honey In The Rock” (featuring Brandon Lake) came from Psalm 81. If you need some honey, some sweetness, some relief, some presence from The Rock of all rocks, listen and lean into this amazing promise. God’s blessings are flowing today, and it’s His delight to give you all you need.

Praise is easy to give to those around us. Whether for a job well done or someone helping in a time of need. But what about praise to God? How quickly do we give God praise? Ryan Ellis says he’s thankful for his song “All My Praise” and what it represents. “I know for myself this isn’t always how I feel but I also know that gratitude shifts your attitude! I’m excited to sing this song forever because it will always be true.” God is worthy of ALL our praise.

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