What’s New | Aug 12

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We live in a broken world. Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by it all. How can we bring the love of Jesus to those who are hurting? There is SO much hurt! Be we don’t have to do it alone. We need to rely on God’s power to be our strength. We Are Messengers’ song “Power” reminded us that we not only need it, but we have it!

“We all need the power of God – we need that Holy Ghost, that Holy Spirit POWER. The kind of power the helps us love our enemy, the outsider, the marginalized, the hurting, lost and least. We need the power of God to transform our lives, so that we can be unwavering in our love for God and His people. So keep moving on, keep your eyes on the prize and that Word in your heart. We’ll be alright ‘cause we’ve got that POWER.” – Darren Mulligan

We are all storytellers. When you share your story, you’re sharing the story of God at work in your life! And sharing your story is a great way to encourage others, too. Zach Williams’s song “Rescue Story” tells Zach’s testimony, and is also a reminder that nothing you do will ever be greater than God’s grace because He sent His son to rescue us from all of our sins.

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