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Are your kids heading out to start a new job or venture off to college soon? Then you and tobyMac have something in common. His son was his inspiration in writing his song, “Scars (Come With Livin’).” Sometimes we can insulate the people we love most. Like creating a safe harbor to shelter them from the storms of life. So, when it’s time for them to sail off into this crazy world, it’s important for them to know (and us, too!) that they are not alone. God is right there for them and with them. So, lift your head to where your help comes from!

“There are many expressions of worship and praise, and it’s not always sunshine and happiness. Sometimes, worship is about praise in the midst of pain, faith in the midst of devastating fire.” Those are the words of Lincoln Brewster, and the message in his song, “While I Wait.” This song was inspired following recent California wildfires, and the deep pain faced by many in his church due to the massive devastation. We are all subject to God’s timing, to waiting for God to reveal His love and care, and plan, to us. Hard times will come, but we can choose our response. Let this song help you find encouragement during the difficult seasons, too.

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