The Unexpected | Vance

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Believers and nonbelievers say things all the time like, “I cant believe that just happened”. Sometimes we even question God, like “Why would God allow this to happen?”. I believe that this is a struggle we all encounter from time to time. It makes me wonder if my faith is as strong as I claim it to be. It makes me wonder if I believe that God knows better than me. It makes me question my faith.

Have you ever felt like this? I am sure it’s not just me that has these thoughts. The reason I am talking about this in this blog is my wife has now lost her third grandparent in six months. She has not been doing well, thinking about the losses she has had to endure. I know she has questioned God because she has asked me, “why is God taking my family?”. Why would God take so many members of her family so close together? I ask myself that over and over. I get the same answer, I don’t know. What I do know and what I keep telling my wife is we all are living according to God’s plan, therefore, we have to trust in Him and know that this is what is right. I look at each grandparent she has lost and the lives they lived.

They were remarkable parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents. They all got pretty sick and faded away fast. As I am writing this blog I realize I do have the answer for my wife. God took them fast because they were good and faithful servants and He did not want them to suffer anymore pain. God called them home because He wanted them in the streets of GOLD and in a place where evil, sin, pain, and hatred do not exist. Why? Because GOD is Good all the Time!

To my Wife, I love you and know that God loves you, keep your head up and know that God is in control!