The Mac is Back | Julie

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I have been a tobyMac fan for a long time. 26 years. Since his DC Talk days. Their “Free At Last” album is still one of my favorites. And I still remember the lyrics. DC Talk taught me to “luv rap music. I always have and I always will.” My church youth group even had “Lean on me” in our puppet show.


And this fan went right along with tobyMac, Kevin Max, and Michael Tait as they made the transition from hip hop to alternative rock. I might have even sung “In the Light” at church one time. And “Jesus Freak,” well that was just a game changer. “My best friend was born in a manger.”


tobyMac has come a long way from “Heavenbound” to “Beyond Me.” But to me, he’ll always be “tobyMac, and the mac is back, no slack.” Here’s one of my favorite from his DC Talk days!