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Church is not a building – it’s people. Different groups of people. With very different understandings of who Jesus is. The Church is colorful and varied and so diverse it pretty much defines the word diverse!

I have had the great pleasure to be a part of several different churches throughout the years – serving in various capacities from idle pew warmer to worship leader to guest preacher and even being a trustee. Now that my family has relocated back home to New Orleans the task of finding a new church to grow in – serve in – be invested in – seems incredibly daunting. But is is a challenge we won’t shy away from.


Because being a part of Church is not optional in our walk with Christ. A wise man (my dad) once told me “There is no such thing as a Lone Ranger Christian.” The body can’t work if bits and pieces of it refuse to be knitted together in the community of a local church.


Fortunately there are a wealth of church (people groups) options for us to try and see if that’s the home God is calling our family into! It’s scary, sure. But most adventures are. If you or your family are like mine – searching for a church home, a great place to start is the LifeSongs Church Guide.


So get up – get to visiting – and prayerfully let God show you your church home!