Thank You! | Julie

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Last week was our Spring Share-a-Thon and it was the best Share-a-Thon I’ve ever been a part of – and I’ve been through over 30 of them.

Our friend from 10 years ago, Brian Sanders returned to help us. It was an encouragement to us all to see the great things God is doing in and through him.

And Josh also joined us. And is here to stay! You may remember Josh from previous years. He’s more than a co-worker to us, he’s more than a friend – he’s family. Over the years, we’ve seen each other through life changing events. Hurricanes. Getting married. Becoming parents. I’m honored to have him on the morning show with me.

There is an excitement at LifeSongs. We’re excited to see what God has ahead for this ministry. And YOU make that possible.

Your support during our Spring Share-a-Thon was unbelievable. We know that God is using LifeSongs, but to hear exactly how He is using this radio ministry to impact your life, it leaves us speechless.

Thank you for recognizing LifeSongs’ significance. Thank you for valuing this ministry. And thank you for supporting it. We couldn’t do this without you. LifeSongs wouldn’t be here without you. And we appreciate you more than we could ever express.