Talkin’ Turkey | Interview

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Turkey Confusion Disorder. It happens to countless numbers of us each year around Thanksgiving. Okay, maybe it’s not an actual disorder, but there are plenty of challenges that come up when trying to cook up a delicious Thanksgiving feast. For instance, how do you figure out just how much turkey you’ll need? What is the best way to thaw the bird? And exactly how long will those leftovers actually last?

This handy website has your Top Ten Turkey Questions (and answers).

Still don’t have the answers you were looking for? The Butterball Hotline is a great way to ask any other turkey related questions you may have. Julie & Libby had a chance to get some of those questions answered. Listen as they chat with Janice, one of the turkey experts at Butterball, in preparation for Thanksgiving. She doles out advice on how to handle all things turkey!

Want to chat with them yourself? Give them a gobble at 1-800-BUTTERBALL. Happy Thanksgiving!