Springing Forward | Julie

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Spring. My favorite season is just around the corner. Next week! I am anxiously awaiting warmer temperatures and plentiful sunshine. There is so much to love about Spring! Picnics. Open windows. Flip-flops. Bike rides. Beach trips… It’s been a long, cold winter. Even for those of us in southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi. I’m ready to leave this “polar vortex” in my memories.

A friend shared this article with me this week: “Top 10 reasons to love winter until the bitter end.” Some of these I’ll probably never be familiar with: ice surfing? thundersnow? snow kayaking? But the article did remind me of a couple of things that I enjoy during the winter season.

I love to hibernate. I hide in my home for the weekend in my pjs with netflix. And when it’s cold and rainy, this is a justifiable hibernation. And during this hibernation, I’m all about the warm beverages – coffee, hot tea, hot chocolate, apple cider! Love love love! Not to mention the warm foods. I love a cup of soup. And while I hate being cold, I love being bundled up. In a blanket – or two. In layers of jackets and scarves with earmuffs. It helps to hide how many cups, or maybe bowls, of soup I’ve eaten during the winter season.

So for now, until Spring and its warmer weather is here, I’ll try to enjoy a few more days of winter.