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I’ve spoken openly and often about my son Finn’s speech. He was a late talker, so he was in speech therapy early on. He only said “Mama,” after I bribed him with ice cream. When we were choosing an elementary school for Finn, I talked with the school speech therapists and those conversations were instrumental in the our decision making process. So, when the topic of speech therapy came up in our parent-teacher conferences, we were not surprised. But what I did not anticipate hearing about was his “hyper-sensitivity.”

Finn feels things deeply. He gets that from me. He can make small moments so exciting and fun. But other moments are equally intense in the opposite direction. My mother calls him “persnickety.”

We love the way God created him. But he will have disappointments in his life. And even though he may feel those emotions deeply, he is going to have to learn to cope with those feelings. Finn has always handled things best when he is prepared for them. We do a lot of countdowns in our house. But sometimes, we just have to take some deep breaths.

How do you deal with the breakdowns in your home?

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