Road Trippin’ | Libby

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It’s that time of year again. The LifeSongs Days of Summer Fun are here! Time to buckle up in the family station wagon and play slugbug with your siblings. That’s right, time for a family road trip! Ready to see a giant bowling pin, smiley faced water towers, or even a museum dedicated to buttons? 
I got to kick off this summer on a road trip with some friends of mine and, while we didn’t see the world’s largest watermelon, we DID manage to track down some fireflies, take a waterfall hike, eat some Carolina BBQ and even spend a bit of time sorting through unclaimed baggage in Alabama. If the offbeat attractions are part of the fun for you, too, can help you with the planning. Meanwhile, we’ve got these tips to help make your trip a smooth one:
  • Map route including stops with kid friendly areas and bathrooms. Check ahead of time to make sure the areas are safe and accessible.
  • Pack the car wisely. Put toys, extra clothes, and snacks within easy reach. Don’t over pack!
  • Have healthy snacks handy; purchasing anything on the road will be costly (and probably less than healthy, too).
  • Make it a family affair and listen to some audio books or podcasts. Take advantage of the time in the car, don’t dread it.
  • Double check that your hotel is kid-friendly (or pet-friendly, if you’re traveling with the furry members of your family).
  • Take LifeSongs WITH YOU on vacation with our FREE app! That way, your family can listen and be uplifted, wherever you go!

Road trips can also involve meals made of things you’d never dream of eating back at home (except, of course, Carolina BBQ). We managed to consume more than our fair share of beef jerky, Doritos, Oreos and candy. (Yikes!) But with a little smart packing and planning ahead, you can stay healthy – even on the road. Check out the options has laid out for you here.

Bon voyage and be sure to send me a postcard!