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My son Finn is in Kindergarten and I am preparing for my first big school Parent Teacher Conference. I’m nervous. And I don’t really know why. Finn is a good boy.
Like many schools, at Finn’s school, behavior is recorded by color every day.
Red = Yikes!
Orange = Watch out.
Yellow = Average.
Green = Good.
Purple/France = Exceptional!
Since the beginning of the year, my sweet boy has been on Purple/France 15 times! And all but one yellow day, have been green.
behavior chart
I really am so proud of him. He’s a sweet happy boy. And I know he’s not perfect. But whatever abilities God has given him, I want to protect and nurture those.
I feel like I have a pretty good handle on his strengths and his struggles. But I’m still nervous about the Parent Teacher Conference. I guess I’m just scared to hear how his struggles are affecting him at school – in a world where I am unable to protect him.
So what do I do when I’m anxious? I research! And I found these Parent Teacher Conference Tips.
1. Go in with a positive attitude. The teacher wants your child to succeed!
2. Focus on the most pressing issues.
3. See it as an opportunity to broaden the teacher’s understanding of your child.
4. Follow up. Thank the teacher. Review notes with your spouse and discuss with your child.
1. Compare your child to other children.
2. Assume that your child gave you all the facts.
3. Refuse to believe that your child could be wrong.
I will also be taking with me the Parent Teacher Conference Worksheet from Of course, I will be skipping a few questions, like “How can I volunteer for the class?”
Happy Parent Teacher Conferencing!