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This year has been a lot of things, normal is not one of them.

Hi my name is Vance Hughes.  I use to work in retail sales for one of the big cell phone industries, and the saying at every manager meeting was “the only thing that is certain is change.”

Wow what perceptive to have!  No consistency, nothing to go buy, no perfect way and nothing to rely on.

Talk about how to make a guy with OCD go totally insane!

You see we live in a world that we expect some normalcy and we rely on these things every day with out skipping a beat. For instance, when you wake up in the morning and do your normal routine, then get ready for your day, walk outside put the keys in the car you expect for it to start and then go on about your day. But, what happens when that routine is interrupted and the car won’t start? This one thing that we take for granted everyday just put a hold on what we wanted to do. Frustration sets in  You start pointing blame.  You may get mad and scream – you may even punch your car, as if the car did something wrong! When in reality all we had to do was a little maintenance on the car and we could have known that the battery needed to be replaced.

In the world we live in today every thing is out of wack and there is no “NORM” – except for one.  He the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!  GOD.  He never changes.  He is the same forever. Believe me, I am with everyone when I say this is a crazy year.  2020 – with the pandemic, to losing my mom – nothing seems normal. However with a little maintenance for my soul, by reading my bible and prayer, I know that GOD is with us every step of the way. I know that He has me and my family.  I know that He will use all of this for His glory.  And I know that He loves us and has not forgotten us.

So I encourage everyone to dust off their Bible, get a few more prayers in and rely on the only thing that will NEVER change….GOD!

Because GOD is good all the time!