LifeSongs Christmas List

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“I know what I want for Christmas. And it rhymes with Paints Booper Soul…”
– Joel

“It’s said that before you know it, your kids are grown and have families of their own. I don’t want to wish this season of life we are in away.(Even though life with young kids can be challenging and exhausting.) My Christmas wish is to be more intentional with my time and spend it making memories with my family. Since we love to watch the the holiday baking championship together, my goal is to bake fancy Christmas cookies with my kids and NOT let my OCD get in the way of what they look like, taste like, or how messy my kitchen gets!!! (I’ll need MANY prayers!)”
– JoJo

“Joy to the world! Too many people are unhappy in this world and my one wish is to make every person on this earth feel as happy and as free as I feel. Okay so this isn’t a gift for me, but in a way it is because another person’s happiness makes me happy. It’s contagious! So Christmas Fairy if you could, instead of gifts just sprinkle your happy wand on everyone this year!”
– Nancy

“This Christmas, I would love to see some relational healing happen in my extended family. There have been losses, hurts and plenty of fights. But Jesus being born puts petty things like that in perspective.”
– Merry Christmas, Josh

“My Christmas wish list is to close on our dream home. God has been so amazing this year and to top it off with our first home would just be amazing! I also wish for the Who Dat nation to celebrate this new year watching the BLACK and GOLD in the Super Bowl! And the big game is in Atlanta – which would just be the icing on the gingerbread house!”
– Vance

“All I want for Christmas is…
…for my son to be successfully-potty trained!
…for the Saints to win the Super Bowl!
…to not stress myself out by putting the holiday pressure on and filling this time with so much busy-ness.
…to find time to be quiet and still and reflect with gratitude on God’s goodness and grace”
– Libby

This Christmas will be a very special Christmas for meeeeeeeeeee.
Okay in all seriousness, this Christmas I want to see a city filled with less crime and filled with more Christmas spirit. Christmas and JESUS have a way of connecting people from all walks of life.
So, I wish for LOVE…UNITY…AND PEACE…a peace that surpasses all understanding, amen.”
– Jasmine

This Christmas, I want to enjoy the moment. We spend so much time during the holidays being busy – shopping, decorating, traveling, etc. I want to pause the busyness and appreciate the time with family. (And a new tv.)