2019 Hurricane Season

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Hurricane Season 2019 – June 1st – November 30th 

Be sure you and your family are prepared and stay connected and weather aware.

Hurricane Season is here once again. Are you prepared?

LifeSongs wants to make sure you and your family take all the necessary precautions in case of an emergency.

Click here for a LA Citizen Awareness & Disaster Evacuation Guide.

New Orleans Plan

Everyone needs a Game Planwww.getagameplan.org

City officials stress that there will be no shelters of last resort in the area, though they will help those who need assitance find a safe place.

In the event of a category three hurricane or stronger, the city will begin implementing its mandatory evacuation plan. That plan begins when tropical force winds are 84 hours off the Louisiana Coast. At the 54 hour mark RTA busses will begin picking up residents in need at 15 locations (see pickup points listed below), bringing them to either the New Orleans Arena or the train station. At the 50 hour mark, the state begins evacuation of areas outside the levee protection. At 30 hours the mayor orders a mandatory evacuation and the state implements contraflow traffic. At 12 hours the last Amtrak train leaves the city, and at six hours, the city hunkers down in preparation for the storm.

There is currently a plan in place for pet evacuations, but people will be separated from their pets during processing at the arena. Anyone wishing to stay with their animal will have to make their own evacuation plans. Where the busses and trains go will be up to the state and federal government. The city also unveiled a new emergency message system that will notify citizens, first responders and even tourists in the event of an emergency. Anyone wishing to receive the text message notification must register by going to new.nola.gov/ready.

If anyone needs help evacuating and wants to be a part of the city’s assisted evacuation plan, they can sign up online at new.nola.gov/ready, or call the city’’s hotline at 311 or 658-2299. It is staffed from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

Special needs/evacuation assistance registration numbers:

Orleans – 311
Jefferson – 504-349-5360
St. Bernard – 504-278-1593
Plaquemines – 504-297-5000
St. Tammany – 985-898-2359

Look for the 17 “Evacuspots” marked by art sculptures throughout the city for pickup points.


The 17 pick-up points are located in easily accessible areas for residents to report in the event of an evacuation. There are also four sites specially equipped for senior citizens. Click here for more info from Evacuteer.org.

RTA Pickup Points:

Senior Center Locations
1. Arthur Mondy Center – 1111 Newton St. , Algiers
2. Kingsley House – 1600 Constance St., Lower Garden
3. Central City Senior Center – 2020 Phillip St., Central City
4. Mater Dolorosa Catholic Church – 1226 S. Carrollton Ave. Carrollton

General Population Bus Stops
5. Smith Library Bus Stop – Lakeview
6. Palmer Park – S. Claiborne & S. Carrollton, W. Carrollton
7. McMain High School – 5712 S. Claiborne Ave., Broadmoor
8. Lyons Community Center – 624 Louisiana Ave., Irish Channel
9. Dryades YMCA – 1924 Phillip St., Central City
10. Warren Easton High School – 3019 Canal St., Treme
11. Municipal Auditorium – 801 N. Rampart St., 7th Ward
12. O. Perry Walker High School – 2832 General Meyer, Algiers
13. Stallings Community Center – 4300 St. Claude, Bywater
14. Sanchez Center – Claiborne and Caffin, Lower 9th Ward
15. Gentilly Mall Parking Lot – Gentilly
16. Walgreen’s – Lake Forest and Read, NO East
17. Mary Queen of Vietnam – 3600 Willowbrook, NO East

Click here for a map of the city assisted evacuation pick up sites.

Sign-Up for the Hurricane Alert System
The city wants everyone living in New Orleans to sign-up for a new Hurricane Alert System. Those who register will be contacted via e-mail, cell phone, pager or Blackberry about any storms threatening the region. To sign-up, visit new.nola.gov/ready.

New Orleans Arena To Be Used In Evacuation
The New Orleans Arena will be used as the city’s main evacuation processing center for residents with no way of leaving in advance of a major hurricane this year. The Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will be used as a staging area for emergency personnel, including National Guard, police and firefighters. Using the arena for residents also will make it easier to move elderly or special-needs evacuees to trains at the nearby Union Passenger Station.

Contraflow Plans Ready for Hurricane Season

Click here for contraflow maps.

When a big hurricane is imminent, the only way to get people out of the way is contraflow. The state once again plans to turn the interstates in one direction to evacuate. For our region, there are three sections of highway where contraflow would be used. But state and local leaders hope people plan ahead, and get out early to beat the gridlock if a big storm heads our way.

Phase III Contraflow Instructions

I-10 West Contraflow Lanes:

  • The eastbound and westbound lanes of I-10 from Clearview Parkway in Metairie to I-55 North in LaPlace will be used as westbound lanes.
  • All I-10 West entrances through New Orleans, Metairie and Kenner will be used in their normal manner to gain access to I-10 West.

I-55 North Contraflow Lanes:

  • The northbound and southbound lanes of I-55 from I-12 in Hammond to the Mississippi state line will be used as northbound lanes.
  • Traffic traveling I-55 North will be diverted onto I-55 North Contraflow and will only be allowed to exit at two locations: Exit 47 (LA-16) in Amite and Exit 61 (LA-38) in Kentwood.

I-59 North Contraflow Lanes:

  • The northbound and southbound lanes of I-59, north of the I-10/I-12/I-59 interchange, will be used as northbound lanes.

I-10/I-55 North to Hammond and Mississippi:

  • In LaPlace, the I-10 West lanes will be diverted to I-55 North toward Hammond and Mississippi. Traffic will not be allowed to continue on I-10 West at this interchange.
  • All traffic traveling on I-55 North will travel in the existing northbound lanes.
  • When traffic traveling on I-55 North reaches the I-55/I-12 interchange in Hammond, I-55 will begin to Contraflow (both the north and south lanes will travel north into Mississippi).

I-10 West to Baton Rouge:

  • Traffic destined for Baton Rouge may enter the Contraflow (eastbound) lanes from Clearview Parkway, Veterans Boulevard or Williams Boulevard in New Orleans (see diagrams).
  • Traffic destined for Baton Rouge may enter the Contraflow (eastbound) lanes from I-10 West via a cross- over at the Clearview Parkway overpass. This is the only opportunity to enter the Contraflow (eastbound) lanes from I-10 West without exiting and re-entering the interstate.
  • In LaPlace, I-10 Contraflow traffic will be diverted onto the westbound lanes of I-10 and will continue west on I-10 toward Baton Rouge.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway to Covington, I-12, Hammond, Mississippi:

  • Northbound traffic on the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway will be diverted onto I-12 West at the US-190/I-12 interchange and will continue on I-12 West to Hammond.
  • I-12 West will be diverted onto I-55 North at the I-12/I-55 interchange in Hammond.
  • I-55 North will continue north into Mississippi.

I-10 East to I-59, North to Slidell, Mississippi:

  • I-10 East traffic from New Orleans will cross the I-10 Twin Spans using the three eastbound lanes.
  • Contraflow of I-59 will begin at the I-10/I-12/I-59 interchange.
  • At the I-10/I-12/I-59 interchange, the left and center lanes of eastbound I-10 will be diverted onto southbound I-59. Only the right lane will continue onto I-59 North.
  • The I-10 East traffic will not be allowed to continue on I-10 East or enter I-12 West.

I-59 North to Mississippi from I-10 West:

  • I-10 East traffic from New Orleans will cross the I-10 East Twin Spans using the three eastbound lanes.
  • Only the right lane will continue onto I-59 North.
  • All traffic on I-10 West from Mississippi will be diverted on I-59 North at the I-10/I-12/I-59 interchange.
  • I-10 West traffic will not be allowed to continue westbound on I-10 or I-12.

I-12 Westbound – Covington/Hammond:

  • Traffic traveling on I-12 West between Covington (US-190) and Hammond (I-55) will NOT be allowed to continue on I-12 West. This traffic must divert onto I-55 North.
  • Traffic traveling on I-12 West between Slidell (I-10/I-12/I-59 interchange) and Covington (US-190) will NOT be allowed to continue I-12 West. This traffic will be diverted onto US-190 West.
  • Traffic traveling on US-190 West will be allowed to continue to Baton Rouge.

All Interstate exit ramps will be open to normal traffic flow. Interstate exit ramps in the Contraflow lanes will be limited and marked with variable message boards.

Emergency Traffic Info
Citizens can get the latest updates on real-time traffic and road conditions by using the 511 Traveler Information System simply by dialing 511 from their telephone and saying the route or region about which they are seeking information. Travelers can also access this information by visiting the 511 Traveler Information Web site at www.511LA.org.

Emergency Shelter Information & Checkpoints
Because of the fluid nature of shelter occupancy, citizens are encouraged to obtain information about shelter openings and locations at shelter information points along the evacuation route. Information about shelter evacuation points will be posted on this site as well as on the Department of Social Services website, the Louisiana State Police website, or by calling the American Red Cross at their toll-free number, (866) GET-INFO or (866) 438-4636.

Personal/Family Emergency Preparedness
Be sure you and your loved ones have a clear plan of action in place in case of a mandatory evacuation, including evacuation maps, emergency contact information, and an emergency preparedness kit. There are six basics that you should stock for your disaster supply kit: water, food, clothing and bedding, first aid supplies, tools and emergency supplies and special items. Click here for a complete list of items for your family disaster supply kit.

Other Resources/Links

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www.hurricanesafety.org – Tips from the National Hurricane Survival Initiative (including the National Hurricane Center, FEMA, the Salvation Army and others)

www.emergency.louisiana.gov – Disaster resources from the state of Louisiana

www.getagameplan.org – Links to PDFs and web sites that can help you develop a simple but successful game plan for your family.

new.nola.gov/ready– Everything you need to know to prepare for a disaster from the city of New Orleans, and how to sign up for local emergency updates via text message or email

www.cityofno.com – Evacuation tips, weather resources and emergency information from the city’s Office of Emergency Preparedness

www.ready.gov – Information on hurricane preparation from the federal government

www.fema.gov – Hurricane instructions from the Federal Emergency Management Agency

www.redcross.org – Helpful information from the Red Cross to keep you prepared in the event of an emergency

www.complianceandsafety.com – A comprehensive resource for hurricane safety information

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