How Does Your Garden Grow? | Libby

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Now that spring is here, I’ve caught the bug to plant herbs and flowers and spend time outside (before it gets TOO hot and the mosquitoes get TOO aggressively interested in my ankles).


I can distinctly remember spring Saturdays in my youth: waking up to watch cartoons and eat smiley-faced pancakes, then hopping in the family wagon with my parents to head to the nursery and then the hardware store on the westbank. If I could make it through the “boring” drudgery of those two stops, sometimes there would be a sno-ball stand stop, too.


Now, I find myself wanting to spend Saturdays stocking up on (and then planting) flowers and herbs and plants (though my desire to swing by the sno-ball stand is still firmly in tact, too). How about you? How does YOUR garden grow?


In Mark chapter 4, the Bible talks about the gardens of our hearts. It seems that pulling weeds and planting seeds is the story of life! Will weeds and selfishness choke out the seed of God’s Word, or will the fruit of the Spirit grow and flourish? Jesus warned his disciples about the anxieties and worries of this world distracting us. Do you find yourself being pulled in a direction that isn’t fruitful? There can be so many culprits: busyness, gaining the approval of others, finances, or any other driving desires that aren’t from God. Those are weeds! They don’t belong in our gardens!


The reality is that all soil has the potential for weeds. Our lives do, too. But God is a Master Gardener, and He is ready to tend to and cultivate each of our hearts. Are you ready for your garden to bloom?


P.S. – Speaking of planting season, Francesca Battistelli has a new blog, and a recent post reveals she is also a gardener at heart. (Seriously, what CAN’T she do?!) Check out Francesca’s ambitious backyard garden plans here.