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It’s spring cleaning time for many, and you know what that means – it’s prime time for a garage sale! If you’re looking to clear out those closets, you could make a nice chunk of change (if you play your garage sale cards right).

Here are a few retail tips to help you have a successful garage sale.

First, tell me when and where! (I’m a sucker for used vacuum parts, athletic socks, old telephones, records and collectible McDonald’s drinking glasses. Okay, only some of that is true.)

Here we go with the REAL tips…

1. Neatness counts! Display your goods off of the ground, preferably at waist height so they are easily accessible.

2. Set the scene. Try adding background music (LifeSongs on the radio!) and concessions to your sale (bottled water, snacks), and keep a few toys around. Occupied kids = shopping parents.

3. Prep work counts. Set up the night before as much as possible, and start the sale early on a Saturday to draw the best crowds. Those earlybirds really DO want to get that worm.

4. The price is right. Price your goods at approximately 1/4 of their current retail cost. Only go higher on your price tags if you enjoy negotiating.

5. Jingle jangle jingle! Be sure you have PLENTY of change on hand.

6. Spread the word. Advertise your garage sale by posting bold signs and fliers. You can also use the internet for free advertising (with a post on craig’s list or a similar site), and an ad in the local paper can also drum up business. On the day of the sale, tie balloons and a sign to your mailbox.

7. Prime Time. Have one really big item you’re getting rid of, like a washer/dryer, tv, bike, etc.? Highlight that prime sale item to attract attention to your sale.

And, if you’re on the opposite side of that garage sale cashbox, keep this in mind. While bargains are great, and pretty much irresistible to me, it may be smart to exercise a little restraint. Reader’s Digest suggests caution, and recommend you cross these 21 gross, broken, and unsafe items off your list when you head out to garage sales. Happy selling (and bargain hunting)!