Fear Is A Liar | Vance

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Finally I was able to go on my dream vacation. I made it to Alaska… however I had to go through Vancouver, Canada first, “Eh.” We have a faithful listener in Canada and I was determined to make it there to see this business owner that plays LifeSongs in his waffle shop (Just Waffles) in Canada everyday.

So the journey began. We jumped on a bus from the airport. On the way to the hotel we were making conversation with the driver and learned that the waffle place I was seeking was “not too far from the hotel.” We were told it would be a quick 10 minute walk.

Yeah… not so much.

When we got to the hotel we went up to the room, dropped off our bags and headed out to Just Waffles. We walked up to Hastings Street and started walking and walking and walking and walking… Uhm … where is this place!?

Apparently that street was not the best street in the world to bring your family down. Nevertheless we continued to walk and walk… We were on the verge of giving up and just turning back around when we were FINALLY able to flag down a taxi. Sweaty and worn out – it didn’t matter. We HAD to keep going!

The taxi driver thought we were crazy for walking in that neighborhood. But how were we supposed to know? Isn’t Canada supposed to be safe and clean everywhere? We then arrived at Just Waffles and the owners were standing there waiting with smiles on their faces and invited us in with loving open arms.

Keep in mind that they had closed up shop about 2 hours prior to us getting there. We got to fellowship and hangout – we now have ourselves a Vancouver family!

You see the enemy was trying to stop us from this ordained fellowship. He kept putting fear in us.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of the area we were in.
Fear that we couldn’t survive a long walk.

Knowing that GOD was in control and He wanted us to meet these amazing GODLY people – fear had no power over us! Fear is a liar. God will be with you through struggle, pain or anything else the devil can throw at you.

Because GOD is good all the time!