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Dear Mom,

I say it a lot – but never often enough… I love you. I am impressed by you. I am grateful for you. You have been through incredible struggles and yet you pick yourself up – you move forward. You try. You fail sometimes. Sometimes you succeed. You don’t let circumstances decide for you what this life is going to look like. You let Jesus do that.

If there is one thing about you that has had the biggest impact in my life it is that. Jesus. You have always been willing to go the extra mile – to go the hard routes – to be bruised and battered by this world, all for the sake of our King. I love Jesus because you and Dad love Jesus. Not a mild love only evident in times of plenty – but that deep painful love bought through terrible heart ache and struggle. Real love.

I’ll send a card too. And probably some sort of gift, though you are not always easy to shop for. I’m sure your grand-kids are busy coloring something for you even now. But I wanted to take a moment and simply say “thanks!” And I love you.

Your Son

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