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DADDY’S HOME! (shuffling of little feet racing for the door)

There may be no sweeter sound in this whole world than my children shouting out in excitement when I come home from work each day. They race each other to get to my open arms first. And I totally get that to my 6 year old daughter (Kaylee) and my 2 year old son (Ben) the race is more about beating each other than it is hugging me, but it still feels so stinking good! I get this greeting almost every single day; unless one is sick, in which case they are usually lying on the couch, zonked out, watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.

These perfect moments won’t last forever. At some point (probably soon) they will no longer see my triumphant return from a day at the office as something to reward with their enthusiastic shouts and hugs. They will get busy with their own lives, which grow ever more complicated with each passing year. But for right now, one of the most exciting parts of their day (and mine) is when I come home from work and wrap my arms around them and kiss them.

Having just blown through Father’s Day, I am more convinced now than ever that it is not just a day for kids to celebrate their fathers, but a day for us dads to take stock of the blessing of being a father. I have learned more about my relationship with God since becoming a dad than all of my previous years combined. I understand forgiveness better. I have slowly even learned how to share! It’s still a horrible thing to have to do, but I’m getting there.

When Kaylee and Ben run into my arms after a long day at work, it inspires me to run into my Heavenly Father’s arms each day. I want Him to know how much I love Him and miss Him when I can’t see Him. I want to experience His arms around me, kissing the top of my head – letting me know that I’m right where I belong. I’m with my Daddy. And He is my Home.

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