A Few Of My Favorite Things | Julie

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As a mom, I want my child to look back on his childhood and have good memories. These summer days provide so many opportunities to create those memories. And living in a city like New Orleans, there is even more available to us.

But then somehow it becomes stressful. There becomes this pressure to make sure our children are not missing out on anything. We feel the need to take advantage of every single opportunity available to us.

Our family ends each day by naming our favorite things of the day. And then we thank God for those things. I always expect Finn to say his favorite things are the big things. Going to the Aquarium. Going to the pool. Going to a festival.

I’m always surprised that it’s the smaller things that are his favorite things – the moments we are engaged with him. When we shared a fruit salad. When we played a game on the phone together. When we sang a song in the car.

So whatever we may be doing – grabbing a snowball or reading a book – if he has our attention, good memories will be made.