45 Years | Julie

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This year, LifeSongs is celebrating being on the air for 45 years, since 1979. That’s a long time! Think about how listening to music has changed during that time. In 1979, we were listening to records and 8-tracks. In the 80s and 90s, we were making mixtapes on cassettes and CDs. And by the 21st century we had moved onto MP3 players and streaming.

LifeSongs has changed and grown over the decades as well! You can now listen on Alexa, Google Home, Smart TVs, your phone, or streaming at LifeSongs.com. Check out all the ways at RIGHT HERE.

But LifeSongs can also still be heard the same way it was heard 45 years ago, on your radio. Since 1979, you’ve been able to simply tune your radio dial to LifeSongs and hear the reminder that God Is Good All The Time.  LifeSongs is a listener supported radio ministry. You financially support so much more than a radio station. You make ministry possible!

Beth said: “LifeSongs brightens my day and always reminds me of how much I am loved by our Heavenly Father! It encourages me on my Christian walk. I am reminded every day to be the hands and feet of Christ spreading His love to others.”

It is the financial support of listeners, that makes it possible for Beth, and so many others, to be encouraged and reminded that they are loved – just by putting LifeSongs on their radio!

We’ll soon have LifeSongs Spring Share-a-thon, one of our most important annual fundraisers. Your monthly gift of $30, $50 or any amount makes this ministry possible. Your single gift of $100, $500 or any amount encourages others to do the same. Give now!

And this Spring Share-a-thon, you could win a beach getaway to Lauren Daigle’s Kaleidoscope Beach Weekend in Miramar Beach! Find out more!

We appreciate you prayerfully considering supporting LifeSongs.