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MONDAY, March 19th- Hazel Park Elementary
School’s City – River Ridge
Mascot/Team- Hurricanes
Requested by – Erica Lombard
Prayer for School- “May the students, faculty, friends & family of Hazel Park be lifted by the word of God. May each day bring goodness & mercy to each & everyone of these beautiful lives! May each come to know & love our Father, for He is good all the time & all the time God is good!”

TUESDAY, March 20th- Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies
School’s City – Metairie
Mascot/Team- Yellow Jackets
Requested by – Erica Lombard
Prayer for School- “Praying for the students, staff & Haynes Family & Friends to be lifted up through the word of God! May they ALL come to know & grow in His glorious kingdom! Let’s make the rest of the school year a beautifully blessed one!”

WEDNESDAY, March 21st- Ethel Schoeffner Elementary
School’s City – Destrehan
Mascot/Team – Sharks
Requested by – Liz Navarro

THURSDAY, March 22nd- South Thibodaux Elementary School
School’s City – Thibodaux
Mascot/Team- Blue Jays
Requested by – Amy Wanner
Prayer for School- “I would like to pray for all the teachers, faculty & students at South Thibodaux elementary school! My prayer is for their safety, their education, and for to know Jesus and His love in a very personal way!”

FRIDAY, March 23rd- Fifth Ward Junior High School
School’s City – Bush
Mascot/Team – Falcons
Requested by – Tiffany Quave
Prayer for School – “Lord we ask you to surround our schools with angels. Send ministering angels about them. We ask for your favor to surround them, that we will not live in a spirit of fear but of power, love & a sound mind! Give our children a spirit of boldness to begin to pray in our schools & bring prayer & bible study back into our school systems . We need more of you Jesus! Luke 2:52 “May our children grow in YOUR wisdom & stature & in favor with God & man.” Thank You Lord for Your hand of protection! We love You & give You every concern for Psalm 138:8 says, “You will take care of EVERYTHING that concerns us.” In Jesus Holy Name! Amen!”

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