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MONDAY, December 11th – Caldwell Middle
School’s City – Schriever, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – Cougars
Requested by –  Mary
Prayer for School – “I want to pray for all of the students at Caldwell Middle. I pray that God would be with them and protect them each day. In Jesus name, Amen!”

TUESDAY, December 12th – Robert Russa Moton Charter
School’s City – New Orleans
Mascot/Team – Owls
Requested by – Anonymous
Prayer for School – “Pray that the staff and students are blessed with a safe school year. Also let’s continue to pray for Puerto Rico and Houston. In Jesus name, Amen.”

WEDNESDAY, December 13th – KIPP Morial
School’s City – New Orleans, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – n/a
Requested by – Annika White
Prayer for School – “Father God, I pray that the students in our school feel a sense of peace in our building ever day, and that what they learn most of all is how valued and loved that they are. I ask that God’s love overwhelms our community each day as we walk through challenging times and moments of joy. I pray that each and every student finds Jesus as their friend and never-failing supporter. Guide us as a staff to be a reflection of Christ every moment of every day, and to walk in His shoes for our beautiful children. I thank you for the amazing children that you allow us to serve every day, and I pray that our work brings glory to you. Amen.”

THURSDAY, December 14th – Delgado Community College
School’s City – New Orleans, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – Dolphins
Requested by – Hannah Pike
Prayer for School – “Please pray that God’s peace would be over this school and that more students would come to know Jesus.”

FRIDAY, December 15th – Jesuit High
School’s City – New Orleans, Louisiana
Mascot/Team – Blue Jays
Requested by – Luke Prater
Prayer for School – “Please pray that each and every Jesuit student does well on our tests and pray for the Jesuit band,as well as our administration and faculty! Amen.”

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