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REnecia B. Cullier

GD's day all️First of all I'd like to apologize for the length of this REquest, but I feel that my back story is necessary. My request is to have my own podcast to share stories from my own personal life experiences with both Christians and non-Christians showing them the REalities of being me, "RE". I've had several people tell me over the years that the things I've experienced and overcame were unbelievable, or as I'd say, my "only RE moments". People need to know that even when they feel like they've messed up and they think GD isn't hearing their prayers, know that HE is still listening "but" is just waiting for them to REpent and ask for forgiveness so that they can move forward. I know first hand how hard and unfair life can seem to be and as many downfalls and unfortunate events that I've had to endure, during my entire life of 55 years, they don't come close to outweighing the blessings and good stuff. I've come to understand that my being a brain stroke and heart attack survivor of 12 1/2 yrs is just the cherry on top of the list of things I've overcome in my life. I am the Generational Curse Breaker of my family️ Life is literally a journey, and sometimes it can be REally hard, so I'd like to be able to "shed some light on other people's situation" via sharing my own experiences, and hopefully will draw many to Christ, upon them REalizing "being a Christian isn't about perfection but persistence". So first of alI, I need prayer for my podcast to be successful, then I need funding to get the equipment I need to begin, in addition to get some things I need to make my new business venture great, and finally, money to pay off some debts that have been looming over me for some "years." Out of sheer desperation, I was so excited when I found a booklet on the internet called "Miracle Money" where these people "sowed seeds" for "hundredfold miracles". So knowing how bad I need funding, I quickly downloaded and read it, but then I checked the REviews and found out, that they were out of business and the two men who ran it in Texas were scammers and possibly in jail. So I'm asking for prayer to get my REal "miracle money" from

GD, so that I can fulfill my purpose. My husband, daughter and I have been "sowing our seeds" in His Kingdom both in our money and my time, faithfully and have been doing so with Lifesongs for years now. With much appreciation for your prayers and I pray that GD forever blesses you and yours as well, a hundredfold️

Received: July 21, 2023

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