I prayed for this

Prayed for 6 times.


Please pray for kyle's return to The LORD as well as his family's salvation and my family's salvation. Please pray that Alan growns in The LORD and that all his material and spiritual needs are met as well as for Angel, Daniel, and Angel. Please pray for my co-workers salvation (both past and present). Please pray for Frankie and Michael's salvation and that all of their material and spiritual needs are met (they are both homeless as well as angel and angel). Please pray for Jordan's salvation and deliverance fro. The devil as well as Jamison' and david's. Please pray for jacks, sheiks, Leikani's, pattie's and anya's salvation. Please pray for Jeremy's salvation as well as j.p'sabd their family's salvation as well as Christ and fancy's salvation. Please pray that The LORD calls me to be a pastor after his own heart, that he helps move to a new place, and that I get a new and better job, and that he blesses me with a Godly wise virtuous born again Christian wife and that he helps me to be single until He brings me a wife, please pray that He protects me from all the wiles of the devil and my enemies both visable and invisable. Please pray for watson's salvation and warnell's and all of my formers friends salvation. Please pray that I grown in grace and in knowledge of The LORD and the attacks at me at work and home are ended. Please pray that The LORD's will be done on earth, in His Churches and in my life as it is in heaven. Please pray for the salvation of everyone in a cult and homosexuality and a false religion and for those who think they are saved but arent. Thank you and God bless you all.

Received: February 14, 2016

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