I prayed for this

Prayed for 16 times.

Renecia Bihms-Cullier

Prayer for our world!

I'd like to say thank you Lord for all that you do, have done and will continue to do. I lift up our "entire world" in prayer during this pandemic and ask that you all join me!!!!! We need you God to intervene and bring all the death and destruction to an end!!!!

*My condolences to all who have lost someone during this pandemic, whether family members, friends or associates. May God have mercy on their souls as they pass on from this world, to their final homes. Thank You!

*I pray for knowledge and safety for all people in and around our communities. Thank You!

*I pray for those homes who now are burdened with even more responsibilities, than just dealing with "possibly being unemployed", but also having to become teachers and homeschool "their" children. A huge shout out to teachers! As it's a shame that til now, many didn't realize "all you do, with and for" our children. Thank You to you guys and your school's staff!

*For those with serious/chronic medical conditions in addition to those we depend on for our care, the medical and hospitals staff from the Head of the hospitals down to the Sanitation Department, Cafeteria staff in addition to the first responders, the EMS workers, firemen and policemen.Thank You!

*For the homeless and homeless shelters, we ask that you continue to provide your covering over them as they're as vulnerable as we are, "if not more", since they may or may not have access to shelter, running water to wash their hands, or have masks to wear to prevent them from contracting this "very vicious virus". Thank You!

*And last but not least I'd like to pray for the faith leaders of this world to be protected as well as their loving families. They're often called to perform "the last rights' for those who have passed away from this virus. There's even been a few members of a family from my church, that have now lost "two additional members" after disobeying the social distancing rule of our city and thus have paid for their disobedience with their lives by attending a repass after the funeral and disobeying the social distancing order.

PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, THIS IS REAL AND NOT A GAME!!!! Your life is not worth it! Please tune in and obey your city/state's order, but use your "common sense" as well. Social distancing has become our "new normal" all over the world! And I can't wait to see what He's planning next!

Thank you for your time and saying this prayer with me! May His blessings "continue" to be upon you and yours and "stay safe".


Received: April 29, 2020

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