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I actually have a multitude of prayer requests. I am a BELIEVER of Christ and was raised in a Nazarene Church. I am not where I am supposted to be in my relationship with God, but I am working on this, because I want to be close to God again. I am in a marriage with a man who says he believes in God, but has a very different belief and thought on what a relationship with Christ looks like and feels like. We argue alot about this!. I try not to cause conflict, because I know he gets very rebellious and the Devil really takes ahold of him when I do. I pray everyday that God will take control of this situation, because I am human and I do not know how to handle this, except to try to love him unconditionally because this is what God would do. But I agree to disagree with him often on certain issues. This is my second marriage and we have broken homes on both sides. I have 5 children and so does he from different marriages. His family and mine are very culturally different which causes some grief. We get along great have a good relationship as far as most things. I just want to have the marriage and llife that I know God would want for me and ask of me. I have 5 children that have been raised in Church but dont go due to things that have happened in their life, because of my divorce and their father and of other things that have occurred in life. I have raised them on my own for the last 23 years. My kids have tender hearts and are good kids, but have alot of anger issues and anxiety and depression. Society and friends have helped sway there ideas of God and life. I pray also that God would take hold of them and wrap his loving arms around them and protect them everyday and to bring them back to him. My heart is heavy and I have dealt with alot of grief and pain and very difficult situations in my life and in my childrens, but I know that God is bigger than me and loves them even more than I do. I pray that he will send the right person to teach and guide them in the way that they should go. Because I know down deep they know the truth!!! Please keep my family in your prayers please. I am truly bound by grief and pain and heartache and I want to break free from the chains that keep me shcakled. I do love the Lord and continue to work back to a long lost relationship I had with Christ. I listen to your station everyday, driving to work and while at work. I love the uplifting stories and music. Thank you for what you do and for lifting my family up in prayer!!

Eternally grateful,


Received: March 4, 2020

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