I prayed for this

Prayed for 31 times.


Please pray for very specific requests: Very alone, mature female, always worked and never lived on hand out or aide that wasn't paid into.

Before anything else, I always ask in prayer for the Salvation of loved ones or who God is putting in my path and showing me things through the Holy Spirit to help them in bringing them to their purpose and accepting Christ. I think that coming to the realization that life is so fragile, that 'we are but a mist' in this life given and then repentance to truly go through the process of Salvation and but put in the Book of Life. Through the authority we all have in the Blood of Christ I ask this and the following along with your own prayers what ever they may be.

Finances, permanent job where to retire while concurrently finishing something academically.

(Interviewed with a law office that is only part time to eventual full time but want to specifically lift this one interview up in prayer for the Lord to answer me if it's the right choice if it is given, they will give me an answer Friday to a yes or no, but a call is not guaranteed to let me know. In the mean time give me hours at present employer and retailer that is only giving a day of work per week.)

Secure a living arrangement where I will not need to worry about where to live again with what is left of life.

Pass my exams this semester, absorb material I am studying, memorize, comprehend, be ahead of my class and pass final in July that will determine if I can continue, along with paying my tuition somehow, not that finances are gone and work is too. Meet that need Lord God, among others that are basic.

Received: January 28, 2020

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