I prayed for this

Prayed for 19 times.


Thank you for your prayers, as we unite, I also lift up your own, God knows what they are. We are in union as in: Matthew 18:20 "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Please help me in prayer for:

Above all, Salvation and redidcation for son, his girls and my immediate family, then extended family washed in the Blood of Christ. Hedge of protection and favor, direct their steps.

Debt and waiver of incorrect debt that is coming up.

Secure present new employment which is only min wage but much needed to survive. Also need second job. Touch my finances, Lord God mature female and am not making it, just meet my needs, basic bills, rent, school loans. Live very frugaly and still not making it. Also give resolution and victory of prior employment expose truth and bring conviction in the heart along with accountability and removal of wrong doing and the ones responsible. Break all wicca and witchcraft there including mind control that is used very subtle for at least the last twelve years especially by two individuals along with corruption by the same ones that are authorities and in security of all things involved in pedophilia and reverse favoratism. Wash this department with the Blood of Christ and let the fear of God go through there. The Lord knows who these individuals are as we pray in union the Holy Spirit with His spiritual GPS locate the area and building to do His work quickly. Remove the scales from the eyes of J and A among others that know this is wrong but can not do or say anything. Address T and M once and for all from hurting so many people and coworkers among other things they do. At this moment as we pray the Lord is moving, right now, by faith, this has been resolved.

Secure my room rental keep the peace until I find or have a home where I will never have to worry about where to live again, with what is left of my life. Give me a home Lord.

Renew me lift the eagle touch every cell in my body so I can carry on and get things done until its my time to leave this life back to You. I'm tired, weary, of everything, give me a new surge in life and help me meet my purpose. Deliver me from all the layers of curses of any kind and break it off once and for all completeley including what is in DNA and generational, along with my son and his girls too.

Pass State exam scheduled in October 2019. Pass!!!

BMLTO and LHTMS soon. Bless it always. God knows the details.

Received: August 5, 2019

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