I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.

Valeri and Brad Newsham

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for Today. Thank you for providing for me. Thank you for Brad. Thank you for providing for him and keeping him safe from harm. Please continue to protect him, while he is traveling, or wherever he is. Forgive us for our sins, both known and unknown. Renew our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Lord, please help us to humble ourselves to call upon your name in our times of need; because we are nothing without you.

Lord, please help us to humble ourselves to look to you when we are not in need; and thank you for your many blessings. Because without you we will have nothing.

May we walk in your footsteps each and every day. Place a hedge of protection around both of us and our devotion to each other. Fill our hearts with your Holy Spirit and begin to work in both of our lives. For we are saved by the blood of your son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross;

so Brad and I could both have eternal life. We thank you for your salvation and good graces upon us.

Lord Jesus, i ask you to enter both my and Brad’s heart, for I speak on his behalf, because we are one flesh, one mind, one body, and one spirit. For your word says, the two shall become as one. Please honor our love and commitment to one another; and banish any soul ties from past lovers, sexual partners, spouses, men or women we have both lusted after in the past. And prevent us from establishing any other unhealthy bonds in the present and future. From this day forth, may we solely belong to one another; and never stray away from one another. May we never hurt each other or break your commandments; by having sexual relations with any other partners from this day forward. Or participating in any other displeasing activities in your eyes. Forgive us for all of our past mistakes. We repent for our past infidelities, adultery, affairs, dishonesty, selfishness, and not honoring your word.

For the by your precious blood of the lamb; we are forgiven in the name of Jesus. Set us free from bondage. From this day forward the enemy may not attack us with guilt about our past mistakes. In the name of Jesus the enemy may not use any person to make us feel shame or guilt because of our past misfortunes.

For we have confessed our sins to you. We are truly sorry. We are sorry we hurt you. Sorry we hurt other people. And sorry we ended up only hurting ourselves in the long run.

Lord, I humbly ask you to lead both Brad and i not into temptation. Help us not to sin in that manner ever again by the divine power of your Holy Spirit. Protect us from harm, and those who wish to do harm to us and our loved ones or inflict evil on us in the Name of Jesus.

Bring darkness into the light. Give us both knowledge, wisdom, and, discernment in our everyday lives; so we shall not stumble. Give us the strength to both do what is right even when we don’t feel like it. Help us remember the consequences of sin and stepping out of our faith;

so we will not give in and indulge in distasteful behavior. Deliver us from any sexual sins and strongholds both known and unknown. Heal us both from sexual abuse, immorality, domestic abuse, violence and the spirits attached to these evil acts. Set us free from familiar spirits and generational curses. In the name of Jesus, these evil spirits no longer have any authority in or near the lives of Valeri and Brad or their loved ones. In the name of Jesus i command these unclean spirits to flee and never return by the power of your Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus Christ, the son of man. In the name of Jesus i order the spirits powerless against Brad and Valeri and those close to them. May they tremble in our presence because of your Holy Spirit that lives within us; may they not penetrate the barriers between us and the spirit world for we are covered in the blood of Jesus.

Make Brad and I invisible to these demonic forces in the name of Jesus. No weapon the enemy forms against us shall prosper.

Lord, place Godly people in our path to minister to both of us, and help keep us from straying. Remove anyone or anything that intends harm or has ill intentions for us, who is not of your kingdom.

Lead us both down your path to righteousness.

Lord, help us read your word daily; because your word is you; and you are your word. Give us divine knowledge and understanding of your word. Lord make us both become servants to you. In the name of Jesus i bind the spirit of pride, jealousy, anger, shame, guilt, unforgiveness, bitterness, sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness, hurt, pain, heartache, materialism, narcissism, dishonesty, disloyalty, mistrust, paranoia, worry, stress, pessimism, negative attitudes, and anything in our lives that can distract us from following you and blocking our blessings. May we always be grateful; and thankful for what we have. Especially, each other. I thank you right now for my sweet Brad. I love him more than anything, and I would not trade him for anyone ever; and I pray his feelings for me reciprocate. I thank you for creating Brad with me in mind. I thank you for creating me to love Brad. Help me love him more and more everyday. May he always feel full of love and happiness in my presence. Help me to become a better wife to submit to him; and a godly woman to better serve you. Help Brad become the husband you need him to be for me; and the Godly man he needs to be to serve you. Guide us each day. Help us grow spiritually so we can prosper. Protect Brad at work each day. Make sure he arrives and returns home, safely each day. Put a hedge of protection around his job site and cover Brad in the blood of Jesus from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Place Godly men in his path to guide him and mentor to him. Lead him to a spirit filled church in Wyoming, where he can praise and worship you for saving him reuniting us, healing his prostate gland, and all you have done and will do for us. Thank you Jesus for healing Brad. Remove any other sicknesses or diseases within his body known or unknown. Cover all of his internal organs with the blood of Jesus. Protect his heart and allow blood to flow without obstruction through his body. Remove plaque from his veins and arteries. Clear his lungs of toxins from nicotine, airborne pathogens, and toxix chemicals he encounters in the refinery. Especially H2S gas. Make sure he always has his proper safety equipment in case of emergency. I pray against any fires or explosions that can harm Brad in Jesus Name. Help his liver filter toxins and produce hemoglobin; assist his pancreas in production of the proper amount of insulin. Keep his blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature all at healthy rates. Boost his immune system and resistance to sickness. Protect his muscle, joints, bones, and ligaments from any form of breakage or damage. Keep his hearing and eyesight in tact. Protect his upper and lower respiratory tract from bacteria, fungus and infections of any kind. Protect the surface of his skin from wounds and infections, especially MRSA. May he have all four limbs in tact and functioning properly. Protect his spine from any injuries. Prevent any nerve damage or obstruction of his spinal cord. Make sure all his vertebrae stay in place. Keep his digestive tract healthy, so he can release toxins and waste properly. And protect his appendix from any sudden obstruction. Protect him from rectal and colon cancer in Jesus Name. Keep his kidneys healthy, and functioning properly; so they can filter toxins in his blood. Keep his red and white blood cells at healthy levels and make sure he has enough iron in his blood. Protect his urinary tract from infection, make sure he he not deficient in zinc or any other vitamins and minerals in order keep his prostate gland from swelling in the name of Jesus. Protect his from Benign prostate hypertrophy. Keep his sexual organs intact and functioning properly, so we can be intimate with one another in the way we were intended to be, as husband and wife. Help us hold our sexual encounters sacred for the pleasure is a gift from you, and I thank you for that gift. And I bind the enemy from perverting our sex life. I rebuke the spirit of cancer or precancerous cells from any portion of his body in Jesus Name. Protect my Brad’s beautiful face from scarring or disfiguration. Thank you for making him such a handsome man. Keep his teeth intact,so he can chew his food properly; and brighten my day with his gorgeous smile lights up his face and warms my heart. Make his skull as strong as iron to Protect his brain from injury. Keep his mind healthy and free of mental illness. Protect his hands, and guide them so he can complete tasks at work, and i can feel the warmth of his touch. Protect his lips, so he can kiss me, and his arms so he can hug me. His feet so and walk in your footsteps, his legs so he can run back to me. Bless every inch of his body and keep him covered in the blood of Jesus.

Bless my Brad Physically, Spiritually, and financially. I love him with all of my heart. Please speak to his heart,right now to let him know how much i love him; touch him with your gentle spirit, so he can feel my deep feelings and concern for him. Give him a feeling of warmth inside as a representation of my love for him. Watch over him while he sleeps. Make sure he sleeps well and gets plenty of rest. Give him supernatural and prophetic dreams about our future together. I pray that you will stay beside my Brad all night long, and wake him up every morning. So he can thank you for his wonderful life.

Keep him safe through out the day and at night. I miss him very much. I pray he knows that. Thank you for reconciling our relationship,and giving us a second chance at love. You are an awesome God,and I don’t know how to thank you. Ive been so happy and full of life since you blessed me with his presence once again. I pray I never lose him again. Surround his truck, his home, his camper, and his hunting camp with Angels for divine protection.Thank you Jesus. I give you all the honor, the glory, and the praise. Let you will be done. Bless the Heavens and the earth. Bless the entire state of Wyoming. I ask all these things in the mighty Name Amen

Received: June 27, 2019

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