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Prayed for 5 times.


I am angry and upset because of my having to "reapply for my disability benefits" to continue after having an Arteriovenous Malformation, AVM or Brain Stroke. My stroke was on December 8, 2010, my fourth baby's original due date, but she came early on the 1st. Anyway I applied for my Disability Benefits 3 times and was turned down each time, until I finally got a disability attorney, Jason Harmon in 2014 and was finally awarded my money in 2016, the money I was owed years later but with the catch of it being on a "temporary basis" as I'm up for "Continuing Disability Review Report" now in September 2019. I have a problem with having to reapply for something that should be permanent as yes I'm doing a lot better than I was back then in 2010 but hey I still disable and need assistance. I'm upset when so many others are getting" free money" for much less or even fake injuries and disabilities. I say this because of my "experience", not hear say, I actually overheard a mom in City Park talk about her son getting a "crazy check" because of "his behavior", as she laughed to "her friend". Really? Unbelievable! My work history is all in Houston, Tx and my parents have suggested that I apply up there to possibly get more money and a permanent source of income, but I keep refusing, thinking that it'll all work out down here somehow. Please pray that my case is approved to continue my benefits as I need that check. I like being independent and helping my family financially and this money has allowed me to "help" pay my personal bills, our household utilities, buy groceries and pay for miscellaneous expenses without touching my husbands money as he pays all the large bills like the house note, our 2 vehicles, insurance on our vehicles and anything else that is needed. It is really expensive to live now, and households need 2 incomes! Your prayers are truly needed and appreciated!

Blessings to you and yours!!!!

Received: June 18, 2019

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