Summer 2020

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Sno-balls, Vacation Bible School, family trips and time at the beach: are you dreaming of a summer break? This summer of 2020 looks a little different than usual. While you may not have the adventure you’ve dreamt of this time around, you and your family can still pack plenty of fun into your summer! If you’re feeling out of ideas and energy, let LifeSongs help!


60 Days of Summer Fun
After months at home, maybe you’re feeling like you’ve already gone through your entire bag of tricks (and snacks!) and have nothing left up your sleeve to keep things fun and fresh for the kids this summer. We hear you! Before you get overwhelmed, check out these 60 easy ideas, games, printables and more from our friends at iMOM to help bring some fresh creativity and fun back to your summer.

15 Fun Backyard Games
What’s your favorite memory of being outside and playing as a kid? Sure, you’ve played freeze tag, but what about dragon tag? Playing games in the backyard with your kids is a quintessential part of summer! Check out these new ideas and twists on the classics from our friends at iMOM!

I’m Bored Jar
Do you see boredom as a blessing? That’s a tough one, especially if you’ve got young kids and you’ve been home with them for the past few months. But, some of our best childhood memories were created by playing outside and using our imaginations! Maybe we can encourage our kids create those kinds of memories this summer, too. iMOM does it again with the brilliant idea of a “Boredom Jar.” Check it out!

Get Crafty
What’s summer without glue, construction paper and many, many Pinterest fails? It’s a hot, humid summer in southeast Louisiana, which means many breaks inside in the air conditioning. Keep the kiddos cool and busy through cutting, gluing, painting, pasting and more with these fun craft ideas.

Scavenger Hunts
A classic way to entertain the kids? Scavenger hunts! Check out these summer fun checklists (there’s an OUTDOOR one and an INDOOR one) and let the kids loose to find as many items as they can!

Vacation Bible School is a summer staple! But this year, VBS looks a little different. Check out our VBS Calendar for virtual VBS events happening this summer, or check out all you need to make the most of this summer’s Vacation Bible School at home!

  • What’s VBS without singing and dancing? Here are 10 Classic VBS songs (w/ hand motions, of course).
  • Phone Line, Mystery Maze, Bozo Buckets and more! If you’ve never heard of these, get to know them and more in these 10 Best VBS games for kids!
  • Once you’ve got the kids seated and enjoying their fruit punch and flower-shaped butter cookies, pull out the art supplies and try out these classic VBS craft ideas.

30-Day Family Prayer Challenge
Prayer is powerful. How often do you take the time to pray for yourself, your family and others? Praying together as a family can be a great habit to start, and what better time than this summer? Check out this 30-Day Family Prayer Challenge that will walk you through something specific to pray about every day for a month.

4 Fun Prayer Activities To Try With Your Kids
Having a hard time getting your kids excited about prayer? It can be challenging, but helping your kids talk openly with God now will also impact them years from now. Check out these 4 easy prayer activities from YouVersion to help your family pursue God through prayer.

Free Bible App for Kids
Did you know there’s a free Bible app specifically for kids? It features animated storybook illustrations and animations, plus games and activities to help your kids interact with the Bible, see it come to life, and remember what they’ve learned. Check it out and help your kids fall in love with God’s Word this summer!

Summer of HOPE
We already know this is a summer unlike any other. As we try to make the most of it with our own families, let’s help others do that, too! Our current circumstances feel overwhelming, which can bring uncertainty and worry, but this can also bring opportunity. Our world needs HOPE! And we can each share the HOPE we have in Jesus through big and small ways. Here are a few ideas to get started this summer. In what ways we can be part of brightening someone’s day? We’d love to hear how you are sharing hope this summer!