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Prayed for 4 times.


Please pray in agreement with me: Dear Heavenly Father we thank you in advance for hearing and answering this prayer. We pray that all Americans would have an awakening from the holy spirit to repent and receive salvation in Jesus Christ alone. We pray that people will read and study the Bible and meditate on the Word of God to abide in your word. We pray for repentance and revival for personal relationships with Jesus to be established and strengthened. We pray that America repents of homosexuality, lesbianism,idolotry, witchcraft,sorcery, materialism,sexual immorality,murders,hatred,antichrist,false religion and open rebellion toward God. We pray for restoration of our families and our country. WE ask Lord for extraordinary miracles in America! We ask God to bring an end to witchcraft, sorcery,idolatry,,murders, antichrist spirit, jezebel spirit, all evil spirits, violence, godlessness and hatred. We pray for deliverance of those who are in bondage to drugs, alcohol and other addictions. We pray also for deliverance of those in sexual immorality that they would be healed and set free. We pray for those who are caught up in lies and deceptions, that their eyes would be open and they would know the salvation and blessings of God. We pray that healing and hope is restored to the homeless,sick,hurting and desperate people in our land. We pray that people would have a true revelation of Jesus Christ, be cleansed, filled with the holy spirit, freed, and rejoice in the salvation of God. We pray for the leaders of America and the church that God forgives the sins of our land, people and leaders. We pray that our leaders would have a hunger and thirst for righteousness and wisdom of Almighty God and His anointing. We pray that the Lord Jesus Christ would give us wisdom knowledge and discernment to make good godly decisions to be men and women after his own heart. We pray that the Lord Jesus would direct us toward the things He has planned for our lives and not our own will. We ask Almighty God for you to pour your Holy Spirit upon America, and to make your ways, power, and healing known to all. Praise God, Who makes all things possible to those who believe. We thank God he alone deserves glory, honor, and praise be given to Him forever. We pray that the name of Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, be celebrated throughout America. We pray for the peace of Israel In Jesus Christ Name Amen

Received: January 19, 2024

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