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My pastor just finished up a preaching series on the Psalms. Over the last sixteen weeks, he covered Psalms of praise (Psalms 96, 19 and 100), Psalms of repentance (Psalm 51), Psalms about God’s character (Psalm 128, 119 and 46) and many more. Throughout the series, I was reminded that for the nation of Israel, the writings that make up the Psalms was their “hymn book”, so to speak. These were the lyrics they sang in praise and adoration of the Father as they ascended “the hill” (Jerusalem) to worship. These were the songs they cried out to God in times of anguish. These were the songs they sang when it seemed like the whole world was against them and they had no one to turn to BUT God.

There is a certain level of transparency that hits me when I read some of these Psalms. A level that many of us never reach in our worship because we are a) scared of God, b) don’t feel like we should question anything or c) just flat out don’t know how to express what we are feeling. But let me remind us all, the God we serve is a BIG God. He’s bigger, stronger, and more powerful than words can even express and or our minds could ever fathom. So it is OK to, as many of the people of Israel did from time to time, cry out to God and lay it all on Him. He can handle it.

After walking through the Psalms together as a congregation, I believe the people of our church now view them in a totally new light. The next time you read the Psalms (or sing them), I pray that you would view them as more than just poetic literature: instead, try to view them as a way to better understand how to worship the Lord. God has given us a treasure in his word, and the Psalms are a huge part of that treasure. May you be blessed as you read, sing, and digest what God has to offer us as we take in his word.


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