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Listen weekday mornings at 7:35 and afternoons at 4:35 for the Summer Fun Tip of the Day, a new tip each day. These tips will keep you safe and having fun all summer long!

Tip #1: Today’s the day to try a snowball flavor you’ve never tried before. Tried them all? Well, this time, try not to spill any of your snowball all over your shoes.

Tip #2: If your dog is outside on a hot day, make sure he has a shady spot to rest in. You may even want to fill a child’s wading pool with fresh water for your dog to cool off in. Click here for more tips to keep your pets safe this summer!

Tip #3: Don’t forget the sunscreen! Protect your skin with an SPF of at least 15 each and every day. More sunscreen tips to help you protect yourself from those summer rays can be found here!

Tip #4: Camp safe! It’s best to go camping with at least one companion. Before going, check weather conditions and leave a copy of your itinerary with family or friends. And don’t forget the s’mores!

Tip #5: Turn a coffee can into a time capsule. Have your children put things inside that will remind their future selves of what they were like this year. Then bury the can. Just don’t forget to keep track of where you buried it! (Bonus – that means you get to drink more coffee to get an empty container!)

Tip #6: Summer is a great time to learn how to swim! Keep in mind, though, that children may not be ready for swimming lessons until after their 4th birthday. And, of course, kids should never swim without supervision. For more tips to help your kids swim safe, click here!

Tip #7: Keep those shades on! Sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes. Protect them against damage that can occur from UV rays. Click here to find the best shades to fit your face. And never look directly at the sun, even while wearing sunglasses!

Tip #8: Host a family talent show. It’s a great way for kids to show off their singing and dancing, or reveal hidden talents (pogo stick jumping!), involve the family in their hobbies (magic tricks! yo-yos!) and more. Bonus: it’s a great indoor activity for those occasional thunderstorm-y summer afternoons!

Tip #9: Be a tourist in your own town – visit downtown, museums, parks, and other monuments that you might have not seen in a long time. Maybe you’ll discover something new! Plus, it’s an inexpensive way to have a vacation and support the local economy – just like giving to LifeSongs. Click here for more hometown tourist ideas!

Tip #10: Never leave a child unattended in a pool, and always watch your child when he or she is in or near water. Click here for more water safety advice!

Tip #11: It’s berry time! Take the family on a berry picking trip, and make some creative berry-recipes once you get home. To find a pick-your-own berry farm near you, click here!

Tip #12: Stay hydrated! Drink water continuously, even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid caffeine, which can dehydrate the body. Water’s not the only way to keep hydrated. Click here for some surprising edible ways to hydrate!

Tip #13: Scented soaps, perfumes, and hair spray attract bugs – and with mosquitoes to worry about, it might just be better to smell like DEET. For more tips on how to keep those pesky bugs at bay, click here!

Tip #14: RELAX! Take some do-nothing time. We are so adept at DOING: summer encourages us to simply BE.

Tip #15: Want to conserve enough water to run the sprinkler this summer (and save a little $$$ too)? Surprise! Your dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand. Plus, let those dishes air-dry to save even more!

Tip #16: Swimming is a great way to cool off in the summer, but children should always wear life jackets when on boats or near bodies of water.

Tip #17: It’s a summer tradition to make homemade popsicles. Ditch the store bought stuff and fill some ice cube trays with fruit juice, lemonade or KoolAid, cover it with saran wrap and stick toothpicks into each cube. Freeze for a couple of hours and enjoy your “sunshine on a stick!” Click here for a trip down memory lane and some nostalgic help from Timer!

Tip #18: Most dogs enjoy swimming (doggy paddle!), but some cannot swim, and others may hate the water. Be conscious of your dog’s preferences and skills before trying to make him swim. Don’t have a pup to spend the summer with? Click here to check out Julie’s adoptable pets of the week from the LA SPCA!

Tip #19: Anything musty or funky-smelling (like those old beach towels and picnic blankets you haven’t used since last summer) can benefit from some time in the sun. Place items where they will get the benefit of the direct sunlight.

Tip #20: Spray away! Mosquitoes are common around these parts, and some could be carrying the West Nile virus. If youʼre going to be outdoors for an extended time, be sure to use insect repellent. Spray it on your clothing for added protection. Experts also suggest you avoid being outside at dawn or dusk, and (if you can stand the heat) try wearing long sleeved shirts and pants, too.

Tip #21: Cutting back on energy use is an easy way to save money. If you can stand the heat, set your thermostat to 78 degrees when you are home and 85 degrees or off when you are away. Hey, more money saved for your summer vacation!

Tip #22: Dress for the heat. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing. (Light colors will reflect away some of the sun’s energy.) It’s also a good idea to wear hats or use an umbrella. You never know when an impromptu second line may come along…best to be prepared!

Tip #23: If you go on vacation, it can get expensive to bring back souvenirs for everyone on your list. Instead, buy lots of postcards and send them to everyone you know! Everybody likes to get postcards, and they are a great way to let others know you’re thinking of them. Plus, they are more affordable than buying lots of gifts! That’s more money saved for your vacation!

Tip #24: Have a family cooking night once a week. Let the little ones help on those days it’s too hot to use the stove or oven. Rotate family members picking a new recipe to try and make sure everyone contributes to preparing the dish – including doing the dishes afterwards! Because a family that cleans dishes together stays together…

Tip #25: In addition to avoiding those pesky mosquitos, it’s also a good idea to make yourself unappetizing to bees and wasps by wearing dark or dull colored clothing. Bright colors are the equivalent of a target for stingers.

Tip #26: Be prepared for fun at any moment! Keep a fun kit in the back of the car with a Frisbee, a soccer ball, an inexpensive kite, and maybe some bubbles for younger kids. And check out these summer fun printables from iMom.com for more ideas!

Tip #27: To get rid of junk and clutter, have a yard sale! Be sure to post an ad in the paper (or on the community calendar at lifesongs.com) and start early – like around 7AM! Want more garage sale tips? Click here!

Tip #28: On a rainy summer day, unplug the TV and grab the board games and playing cards for some fun that requires human interaction! Click here for a few more creative ideas for the kids on those rainy summer days.

Tip #29: Always leave fireworks to trained professionals. That means sparklers too; they can get as hot as 1,000 degrees! Ouch! Click here for a few more firework safety tips to keep you safe as you celebrate Independence Day!

Tip #30: Never swim alone. Even good swimmers (like Aquaman) need buddies! Plus, it’s way more fun to play “Marco Polo” WITH someone than by yourself.

Tip #31: Stay in the shade whenever possible, and limit sun exposure during the peak intensity hours – between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. (So, basically, all day.) Click here for more tips to keep your fun in the sun safe & sunburn free this summer!

Tip # 32: Never leave your kids or pets in a closed vehicle on a hot day. The temperature inside a car can rise to over 100 degrees in a matter of minutes. Click here for tips on how to avoid a hot car tragedy.

Tip #33: Step away from those electronic devices! From sprinklers and water balloon fights to bike rides and bug hunts, there are lots of things to do when you unplug and go outside! Click here to check out a few more fun ideas on how to spend some of these summer days outside!

Tip #34: Water-play on hot summer days never goes out of style: youʼll be amazed how much fun you and your kids can get out of a lawn sprinkler or a garden hose. Or you can save precious water and take a trip to the nearest lake, river, or beach (or bayou!).

Tip #35: Nothing is more energy efficient for cooking than your microwave. It uses two-thirds less energy than your stove. So, cook faster & save more! (Nothing says “summer fun” more than nuked Hot Pockets & Bagel Bites, right?)

Tip #36: Fresh fruit is a delicious way to stay healthy during the hot summer months – just adding berries to your morning cereal can make a difference. The real summer fun fruit? Watermelon! Enjoy some and have a seed spitting contest with your family!

Tip #37: It’s hard to imagine a better way to enjoy the beautiful and unusual landscapes of Louisiana than by touring on two wheels. Get out and go for a bike ride! Just don’t forget your helmet. Safety first! Click here for a map of bike routes across Louisiana.

Tip #38: Summer is the time to shake things up a bit: head to the park even though it would normally be “too late,” eat Popsicles for dinner, or leave the dishes and head to the drive-in!

Tip #39: Don’t overbook your summer. Take the time to do NOTHING. Sit outside, enjoy a sunset, watch the fireflies and just CHILL.

Tip #40: Have an A-Z Scavenger Hunt. Write the letters of the alphabet in a column on a piece of paper. Take a hike (even if it’s just an “urban hike” through the city, or around your neighborhood) and search out items that begin with each letter.

Tip #41: Sunshine and warm weather offer a lot of activities. But don’t push yourself beyond your physical limits or let overexertion squash your energy. Schedule time to rest, relax and take a nap when necessary.

Tip #42: Tie family outings to books. Create an activity around a book that you read with your child. If the book is about animals, take a trip to the zoo or the park. Go to the lake if the book has scenes taking place near or on the water. Or, if you’re reading Charlotte’s Web, how about a trip to the fair? Because “a faaair is a verrritable schmorgasboard…”

Tip #43: Keep it clean – A picnic table littered with sugary drinks is like a standing invitation to bees and wasps. Click here for more tips to help you ward off those unwanted stinging summer guests.

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