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I want candy! I can’t help it. Like Chris August, I love it. And this Thursday night is a BIG night for candy fans. There will be many costumed and masked children taking to the streets, carrying pumpkin pails, bags and pillowcases, hoping to fill them to the brim with sweet treats.

Within the church, I know some people don’t participate in trick-or-treating, even in the handing out of the candy portion of the night. Do you?

If not, and you’re looking for an alternative, click here to check out our Community Calendar. So many churches in our area are putting on fun events (and yes, there will be candy!) like Harvest Fests, Pumpkin Patches, Trunk or Treat events, Hallelujah Parties and more.

If you are planning on staying in tonight, keep in mind that this may be the only night of the year where you have all of your neighbors coming directly to you, ringing your doorbell! What a great opportunity to build relationships in your community, and share the Gospel! Maybe you can add a Bible verse, an invitation to your church or even a LifeSongs sticker to your candy “treats” to hand out!

Whatever your plans may be this Halloween, I encourage you to let the light of God’s love shine bright through you.


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