LifeSongs Hang Time with Ryan Anderson!

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Every Thursday at 8:55am, Ryan joins Julie for a quick conversation about Hornets basketball, New Orleans, and his relationship with God!

If you can’t tune in, be sure to check this page for weekly updates!


Thursday, April 18th

Say goodbye to the Hornets and hello to the Pelicans with this season wrap up. Ryan shares what his personal plans are & what the Pelicans plans are for this off season.

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Thursday, March 28th

Ryan chats about the importance of LifeSongs in his life & his favorite Easter memories.

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Thursday, March 21st

Which team is Ryan pulling for in NCAA’s March Madness? And how does he stay motivated this late in the NBA season? Find out in this week’s Hang Time!

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Thursday, March 14th

This time on Hang Time, Ryan Anderson faces his toughest opponent yet: the LifeSongs Lightning Round!

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Thursday, March 7th

Ryan gives his opinion on the new Adidas basketball uniforms and shares about those who have influenced his Christian walk.

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Thursday, February 28th

Hear about Ryan’s relationship with Coach Monty & other Christians in the NBA he’s been able to connect with.

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Thursday, February 14th

Find out what Ryan has planned for Valentine’s Day & how he’s feeling going into the All-Star Three-Point Contest.

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Thursday, February 7th

On this week’s Hang Time, Ryan shares about a song that God has used in his life. (And his Super Bowl experience!)

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Thursday, January 31st

Ryan shares about his visit to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and answers one of YOUR questions!

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Thursday, January 24th

On this Hang Time with Ryan Anderson, the 3 point leader in the NBA discusses how he stays humble.

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Thursday, January 10th

Who does Ryan Anderson turn to when he needs support in his Christian walk? Find out in this Hang Time with Ryan Anderson.
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Thursday, January 3rd

Hear about Ryan Anderson’s first Christmas Time In New Orleans & his resolution/goal for 2013.

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Thursday, December 13th

Ryan shares how he keeps Christ in Christmas through a family tradition that was passed down from his great-grandfather.

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Thursday, December 6th

What does Ryan think about the possibility of being a New Orleans Pelican? What is his favorite local food? What scripture had a life changing impact on him? Find out in Hang Time with Ryan Anderson!

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Thursday, November 29th

Ryan shares how he stays connected to God in the midst of his busy basketball life and what it’s like to work with his head coach and fellow Christian, Monty Williams.

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You can learn more about the New Orleans Hornets (soon-to-be-Pelicans)Ā here!


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