Christian Music Showdown Finalists!

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The Christian Music Showdown has come and gone, and we have a winner! Which artist is having their music presented to a major Christian record label? Congratulations to Dwight Fitch, Jr. & Crucified 2:20!! Thanks to everyone who voted, and thank you to our 5 finalists below for sharing their talents with us.

1. Day Like This – Carry On

We, Day Like This, are a group of friends and brothers and sisters who enjoy making music together. We are inspired to write music because of the beauty, pain, complications, struggles, friendships, and joys of this life as well as the hope for something much greater, the hope of eternity. We hope to be able to share life together with you through the music that comes to us, and possibly learn from each other and look at life in a new way.

On a day like this, with all its hurt and injustice and war and love and longing, with its births and deaths, dropouts and weddings… On a day just like this, we believe hope can become reality, truth can rise above the decay, and love can become the current of life.

Story behind the song: Though battles and distances and tempests and seas can separate us from each other, we can carry on because we have a hope that unites us and flickers within each of our souls to give us life. Though we’re not yet home and there are many battles to be won and lost, the end of the story is sealed. And that’s why we have courage to fight till the end.

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2. Dwight Fitch, Jr. & Crucified 2:20- Lord, You’ve Been Good

Dwight Fitch, Jr., was born and raised in New Orleans. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from UNO in jazz piano performance. He has worked professionally on the New Orleans music scene for many years. In 1998, after a misleading search for God in a New Age Occult, Dwight surrendered his life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Shortly thereafter, Dwight was called by God to worship ministry and began serving at Celebration Church where he has been serving now for the past 13 years as worship leader and director of its School of Fine Arts.

Story behind the song: I was inspired to write a song that was a joyous expression and declaration of the Lord’s goodness to me. I wanted to celebrate and share with others what Jesus did for me on the cross – opening the door to salvation, freedom, and a new life.

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3. The Grace Well – The Sheep

In 2006, five guys came together in New Orleans with a passion for music and a heart for sharing the gospel. They began to play together with the mission of communicating the love of Christ through the music they play and the relationships created while traveling.  Six years later, The Grace Well has two records and has toured throughout the southern United States, sharing Jesus wherever they are called.

Story behind the song: “The Sheep” is based off the Parable of the Lost Sheep.   It conveys the beautiful truth that no matter how far or how often we wander, God is always seeking to rescue us because his grace has no end.

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4. In His Company – In Your Arms

In His Company is a four person group from Covington, Louisiana. The band plays a mix of original rock and acoustic rock songs as well as contemporary worship music. The group is currently working on their first album which will contain 10 songs and should be released in late 2012. The message of the band’s music focuses on relationship between God and His creation. In His Company’s music ranges from energetic rock to softer ballads which speak of intimacy with God. Listeners will enjoy the energy and depth that In His Company delivers.

Story behind the song: In Your Arms is essentially the prayer of a believer in response to looking at desparate conditions in the world. The song describe two situations, one of a hungry child and the other of an orphan begging for his daily needs. The chorus is a prayer for the needy and an acknowledgement that no situation in this world escapes the eyes of God. In the bridge and ending we look to God as the answer and hope for the world.

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5. Rusty + Jessica – Take The Lead

It’s often hard to separate where ministry begins and family life ends for worship duo Rusty & Jessica. It’s a part of every aspect of their life … whether singing their children to sleep or leading crowds in worship, their goal is leading others in worship of a God they are learning to love more and more each day.

Story behind the song: We began writing Take The Lead out of a longing heart desperate for God to just take us wherever He wanted to go; do with us whatever He wanted to do. Worn from trying to “make things happen” on our own, we just wanted God to have everything and control every part of our lives and ministry. If it meant losing all we had, all we loved, all we had accomplished, and all we ever dreamed of, we were absolute in that this was our heart’s resolution. We simply wanted God to lead us and we desired true transparency with Him. The bridge of the song is an anthem proclaiming “Where You lead me, I will follow” and it has become the theme for our home life and our ministry. Our lives are not our own and this song portrays our hearts cry, “Take The Lead”.

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Wow! We have been so blown away at all the submissions we received! So many thanks to each and every one of our submissions. Your hard work and talent truly blessed us, and it was extremely difficult for our panel of judges to choose our five finalists. May God bless all of you and the talents he has given you!